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File Submission Instructions
Select which type of claim you are submitting in the drop box to the left.
Click the Browse button to search for the file you are sending.
Once you have found your file, click Open, this should populate the text field with the location of your file.
Click submit and your file should be sent to the appropriate folder.
If you would like to encrypt your files using our PGP public key, please click the link to send an email to our IT Staff.
If you would like to send multiple files at once or include our ftp in a batch process for uploading your claims, there are multiple FREE FTP clients available through the web. A convenient FTP client is FILEZILLA and can be downloaded from here. If you wish to use another FTP client please make sure it can handle Secure FTP transactions. Once you have downloaded the client you can connect to our FTP server by using the information below.

FTP USERNAME:anonymous
FTP PASSWORD:(use your email address)